Your material has never been better looking, structured, or easier to navigate

Say goodbye to emailing presentations

Visual features

There are many elements that go into strengthening your content:

  1. Immersive design
  2. Normal, Theater and Full view mode
  3. Extensive previews for editing
  4. Visual menu guide
  5. Big screen responsiveness
  6. Your own branding identity

Search features

Highly user friendly, especially with our search options:


  1. Master menu navigation
  2. Dynamic visual navigation
  3. Free search navigation
  4. Multiple viewing modes
  5. Multi-tagging options
  6. Hyperlink connected content

User panel features

The user experience starts with the visual control panel:

  1. Easy color customization
  2. Easily edit the master menu
  3. Easily sort or delete content
  4. Easy preview options
  5. Easily add content
  6. Easily share content​

Boost productivity by 100x

With MASTER WiZR you are prepared for the next 100 meetings: a radical productivity boost!  The slide portal library gives you access to content for the next 100 meetings, smart navigation help to:

  • Reduce meeting preparation
  • Keeping meetings relevant
  • Easily agree on follow-up action items

MASTER WiZR, put simply, is a radically better meeting system; ready to help you navigate content that will make a real difference.

Showrooms, a tool to love

A new arriving feature: Showrooms. You can gather different content that matches a particular audience, such as:

  • Sales and tender material
  • Management and workshop meetings
  • Education and tutorials 

This is a great way to promote content that clients or colleagues may be interested in spending more time with!

Instant Access to Content. Portal always updated.


Training. Tool for better on- and offboarding.


Secure link sharing. Share entire portal or single presentations.

Effective sales. Better prepared, shorter cycles.

Present both remote and local. In-person and online.


Personalization. Pick contents in seconds.

Smooth interface. Seamless content navigation.

Enterprise grade. Flexibility at your fingertips.

Examine! What is important to you?


  1. Want to save considerable time searching for content?
  2. Want to reduce your number of physical meetings?
  3. Want to significantly digitize your entire sales cycle?
  4. Want to direct more work capacity to your core business?

5. Want to build a stronger culture through shared content?
6. Want to stand out stronger from the competition?
7. Want to create a meeting system that only gets better?
8. Want to monitor progress and value creation?

Save time by 10x

  1. Easy information overview
  2. Find material faster
  3. Less customization
  4. Increase reuse of content
  5. Use our elegant templates
  6. Create presentations faster
  7. Fewer & shorter meetings
  8. Lean less on improvisation

Improve quality/value

  1. Empower your employees
  2. Consistent content
  3. Create & share best practices
  4. Graphic Designer level layouts
  5. Better & more precise dialogue
  6. Meeting value outputs
  7. Quality production at faster rates
  8. Video automation

Improve cost/income

  1. Boost productivity
  2. Save meeting time
  3. Save on meeting travel
  4. Always updated and available
  5. Save on less production
  6. Quicker sales cycles
  7. Win more big projects
  8. Communicate to investors