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All your graphic and communication services in one place to help coordinate your pitch effort and promote greater use and consistency.

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Onboarding programs

You can use your existing presentation material, directly integrating it into MASTER WiZR. Our onboarding program create optimal results...


Graphic and UX Design Services

Graphic work, logo design, reformatting, all included


Follow-up programs

MASTER WIZR is an intelligent business pitch tool that gets smarter over time. The more you use it the less you need to worry about anyone dropping the ball / consistency and follow-through.


Video Debriefs

With an archive of over 1500 Video Debriefs created for you, we have extensive experience in digitizing and easing communication through the...



MASTER WiZR has two overall objectives as a business-to-business solution for a broad range of users...



Master WiZR is owned by Core20 Consulting Inc and Acini As, established in Oslo, Norway. Core20 has worked on thousands of...

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