Onboarding programs

You can use your existing presentation material, directly integrating it into MASTER WiZR. Our onboarding program create optimal results for:

  • Selecting content – identifying essentials
  • Organizing content – building a master menu
  • Harmonizing content – standardizing designs

Our program typically varies from days to weeks; depending on volume of content, number of users, areas of use. Our onboarding improves your outcome, ease of use, and the overall longevity of content.


Graphical services

We provide services specific to your material; harmonizing content, graphic work, logo design, reformatting visuals, and other more specific services. For more details, request our product and price list. Graphical service options include:

  • Smaller stand-alone work beyond MASTER WiZR
  • Expand the onboarding programs with graphics
  • Marketing as a service – ongoing support
  • Possible larger graphics projects

We can have 10 to 100 staff working on various assignments. We work with an educational program educating over 1000 people annually, ready to provide your quality and speed.

MASTER WiZR – Services – Part 3

Follow-up programs

MASTER WiZR is a presentation and meeting portal that should keep getting better over time. The more effort you put into to refining content the better the outcome and impact. We have various ways to ensure continuous focus on improvements and smart uses. A typical follow-up program focuses on:

  • Assist with more pages to be harmonized
  • Co-develop videos for tutorial purposes
  • Follow-up on meeting and sales use
  • Follow-up of “Deep Visual Connection” programs
  • Expanding use to different departments

Senior strategy advisors are often used in our program.


Video Debriefs

With an archive of over 1500 Video Debriefs created for you, we have extensive experience in digitizing and easing communication through the practical use of videos. We have specialized in a series of videos that span across:

  • Education
  • Onboarding
  • Tutorial for IT systems
  • Explain presentations
  • Digitize sales processes
  • Content guides

Ask us for details about options and flexible pricing options.

A single point of contact

Graphic and communication services can span across many different suppliers, varying in both quality and price. We have the goal to be a one-stop-shop to ease coordination, create consistency, and ensure optimal use.
Use MASTER WiZR to grow using practical services.