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Come play with us and Wizy

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Say hello to Wizy, our lovable mascot who embodies the spirit of what we're about at MASTER WIZR.

Wizy guides and inspire us to imagine the digital future that we want to create and be a part of. Together with Wizy, we're working to build the ultimate workspace, where creativity, innovation, and collaboration thrive.

The Wizy way

We Build The Best Product

We are continually optimizing the WiZR platform. We actively listen and learn from the world around us in order to build the best tool for professionals

We Keep Experimenting

The WiZR way is to empower employees to work on things that they are passionate about.

Making Virtual Better Then Real

Computers are actively learning about the world around them. At MASTER WiZR, we are actively making an effort of improving the virtual experience

Passion For Branding

We want our users to feel at ease and reach their potential at work when using MASTER WiZR.

Growing & Glowing Together

Providing the right work environment is a priority for us. We offer serious career opportunities and perks to make work a blast.

We Own What We Do

Our growth and development culture enables us to try new ideas and continuously improve what we do.

Embark on an Innovation Journey:
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