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Presentation Portal

Digitize your meetings and transform how you organize, present and share your most important material. Experience the WiZRmagicmaking your material shine

Single Content Library – Innovate online and In-Person meetings!

Vastly reduce meeting prep time and easily harness collective knowledge to share powerful content across teams and offices. MASTER WiZR is ideal for internal, external, online and in-person meetings. No need for for software downloads and installations. Share your business’s core and lead to action!

Presentation Streaming

Modern companies constantly digitize for growth. It is the opportune time to radically upgrade in-person, and especially, on-line meetings, to the next level. 

Digitizing meetings

Both in-person and online meetings benefit by digitization. Meetings take time to prepare, host, follow-up. Read on for how to significantly jump ahead.

Digital sales processes

MASTER WiZR’s systems upgrade meetings to shorten sales cycles. Our system helps sales meet targets become more in-line with client’s needs.

DVC – Deep Visual Connection

DVC is an understanding of human reaction to visual stimulus. We use DVC to create the best tool for connecting to clients, customers, and business partners.

The world’s most elegant visual Storytelling Portal

Experience the best in presentation streaming – save time and share knowledge. MASTER WiZR is an enterprise level PowerPoint management system, a result of our passion for design and communication. Experience better dialogue with clients, investors, partners, employees, and management. Our “Deep Visual Connection” is geared to transform meetings, both in-person and online. Start today.

Presentation Portal

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Part 1

The MASTER WiZR vision and concept. Transforming online and in-person meetings. Presentation Streaming is presentation 2.0.

Part 2

We explain product essentials, planned features, how it all works, to provide you great meeting experiences.

Part 3

Easily appreciate benefits and find answers. How it’s used for dialogue in sales, funding, onboarding, management meetings, and more.

Part 4

Graphic building, time consuming tasks, and advanced communication services are a one-stop-shop with MASTER WiZR.

Part 5

Experience a risk-free trial. Use our onboarding programs to get started. We match any ambition level; we’ll meet you where you reach.

Part 6

Finally, learn more about our methodology: the driving force of what we developed, what inspires us to keep innovating.