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MASTER WiZR aims to be the world’s premier presentation and meeting tool. Driven by our mission to achieve excellence we empower individuals and companies of all sizes.

Master your communications with innovative designs, navigation and sharing. Reimagine your materials with WiZR magic and elevate your virtual presence. Experience the future of presentations, Today.

Fall 2020 - Limited time offer

Covid-19 turn our work lives upside down.
MASTER WiZR is created to make your meetings better, especially online meetings. We honor the hard times many businesses experience and have a 25% off right now.

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Streaming View

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Show Rooms

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3D Spaces

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Like Netflix

Experience presentations in a more visual, intuitive, organized and inspiring way.


You will care for your most important material in a new way compared to file storing.

Better meetings

With information at your fingertips, you can better improvise and customize.



Prepare or follow meetings like never before. A revolutionary interface.


Your material has simply a better way to be presented; just like a well-framed painting.

Super easy

Create impressive Show Rooms in minutes. Save time creating and in sharing.


First impressions

Taking personal introductions, of all types, to a whole new level.


Cover Pages are created to be combined with Show Rooms like a newspaper needs a front page.

The new standard

Radically better than email and traditional ways to share your material.


Virtual Presence

How you look and communicate virtually will just grow in importance.

Custom 3D

You will love the way your video meetings and videos will look with custom 3D

3D Spaces

The more the merrier. You will see the fun and the smart use by having several 3D Spaces.


Rear, side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility


Rear, side and forward-facing cameras provide maximum visibility


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The Super WiZR Magazine:

Better presentations – better meetings – bigger impact




Experience your material the WiZR way

Your material deserves to shine, feel empowered.

Revolutionizing Presentations starts with new and bold thinking about how presentations look and the functions they serve. To increase our impact we need to re-imagine meetings and collaborations. The ways we share and connect will continue to change radically.

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Super WiZR Magazine – Insights, checklists and updates you don’t want to miss

Experience “Streaming View”

Netflix did it for videos, MASTER WiZR does it for presentations. We reimagined how presentations can be organized and presented, and we call it “presentation streaming”.

Not only will your material look better, but it will also significantly improve your meetings. Enjoy information at your fingertips, allowing for more improvisation, and spend less time preparing for meetings.

Personalize through “Show Rooms”

How do you share material before or after a meeting? Like presentations, not a lot has changed about how we share our material. If you go to the car-, clothing- or other types of Show Room you expect to be engaged and informed.

Show Rooms are special places to connect and create an experience. Use our Show Rooms as a natural extension of your meetings, either before and after. Looking great and created in only minutes!

First impressions made by “Cover Pages”

Magazines and newspapers know how to sell and their Cover Pages get attention. Why not use the same idea for the material and messages you want to sell and communicate?

We have created “Cover Pages”, guaranteed to stand out and give the best possible impression. Use it for sales and company introductions and a whole range of communication tasks. We even have a specialized Cover Page template for creatives, consultants, and students.

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Powering Excellence

Take your company and material to the next level. Elegantly designed and organized, your work will be transformed. Get WiZR.

The modules and features of MASTER WiZR will allow you to find and create materials faster, increase re-use, improve consistency, and save time. All resulting in less travel and shorter sales cycles among other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired MASTER WiZR?

We have a conviction that the world deserves a more inspiring way to present, share and meet. Our inspirations have to be going beyond popular features by Apple, Spotify, Netflix and Microsoft. Our pledge: Internet is for everyone. Webpages are for programmers. MASTER WiZR is for YOU – The core of all communications.

How much does it cost?

We offer both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Presentations as a Service (PaaS). We made this affordable for everyone: students, freelancers, small businesses to large enterprises. License prices vary from 10-80 USD per month depending on use and number of licenses. We also offer a free version to get started. Just simply enquire to get started. Our PaaS offering is given in dialogue with prospective users.

What can I do on MASTER WiZR?

MASTER WiZR is a cloud-based presentation system consisting of two modules: LIBRARY and STUDIO. The LIBRARY allows you clever ways to organize and present the full catalog of contents. The STUDIO lets you pick presentations and videos from the LIBRARY to customize material and share in new inspiring ways. MASTER WiZR will allow you to improve how your material look, is organized, presented, and shared. Our vision does not only give you a good tool, but to revolutionize presentations.

What makes MASTER WiZR unique?

We aim to contribute your material never having looked better, been better structured and better to share. MASTER WiZR aims to be the world’s premier presentation and meeting tool and this means you will have stronger impact and be more productive in your communications. See the before and after on your own material.