Benefits & Terms

MASTER WiZR - affordable quality.

MASTER WiZR is created to be a universal tool, catering to your communication needs in one, comprehensive platform. Specializing on the art of communication, it can be used to connect, share, and present for individual purposes as well as organizations of diverse needs and sizes.


In-person, hybrid and virtual

The physical and the virtual have long emerged into one. Tools have not been able to keep up with this change. MASTER WiZR was built to bridge this gap by offering a tool that works in-person, hybrid and fully virtual environments.

The tool is a visionary approach to the future of work. Amongst many features, it is flexible in modes of presentations, offers creative spaces for meetings and conferences, has built-in interactive features, and customized visuals to highlight your work and presentations.

What Matters to You?

Benefits boosting productivitity and convenience

Save time by up to 10x

  • Easy information overview
  • Find material faster
  • Less customization
  • Increase reuse of content
  • Use elegant templates
  • Create presentations faster
  • Fewer & shorter meetings

Improve quality/value

  • Empower your employees
  • Consistent content
  • Create & share best practices
  • Graphic Designer level layouts
  • Better & more precise dialogue
  • Quality production at faster rates
  • Video automation

Improve cost/income

  • Boost productivity, less production
  • Save meeting time
  • Save on meeting travel
  • Always updated and available
  • Quicker sales cycles
  • Win more big projects
  • Communicate to investors

Content to use

  • Keynotes and presentations
  • Product and prices
  • Client statements and cases
  • On/offboarding material
  • Strategic material
  • Business plans and other plans
  • Excel work sheets
  • Benefits & Terms
  • MASTER WiZR - affordable quality.

When you want the competitive edge

Being first is somtimes more important than being best. By being a forerunner you can stand out, differentiate and enjoy being among the first to gain the unfair advantage that can be so crucial. Typical approach in sports so why not also in how you communicate?



Creative Director

Flexible License Programs

We are a software and services company and together we will tailor what works, matching any ambition levels.  


Individual licenses

Primarily intended for students, freelancers, and creatives. Sometimes one-license options come with some restrictions on uses and also are the least expensive, starting at 20 USD and higher.


Small corporate licenses

3-20 licenses can be used within departments, campaigns, divisions, or for the whole company. Simple and flat pricing. Our affordable Onboarding options are highly recommended and included with licenses greater than 10.


Corporate customization

Custom options are available. We will also discuss the benefits of master deck services, virtual backgrounds, branding assistance, and advanced content organization services. Our tailored follow-up programs will generate the biggest enterprise value creation and outcomes.


NGO and social responsibility

We will review various programs to support funding, campaigns, and custom support. We can review NGOs, universities, and governmental programs for highly attractive "getting-started" options.

Go for a trial run or go all in

Either way - we want you to have a great experience