Streaming View

Streaming like you know it from videos – now to your presentations!



Visual menu navigation through thumbnails


Preview presentations before see it all


See all slies at once, super convenient


Streaming View

Streaming View takes the way you organize, view and share presentations to a new level. Much easier, intuitive and impactful to navigate.

    Features in brief

  • Thumbnail views
  • Preview views
  • Responsive design
  • Helicopter view
  • Scroll vertical and horizontal
  • Add preview text/visual
  • Responsive design

    Thumbnail styles

  • Vibrant colors
  • With text
  • Black & white
  • Graphics
  • Signature colors
  • 3D styles

Streaming view can be used in the range of practical situations where it is better than a regular file storage

    External uses

  • Sales meetings
  • Client references
  • Investor meetings
  • Vendor meetings
  • Partner meetings
  • Events

    Internal uses

  • Product portfolio
  • Onboarding
  • Brainstorming
  • Technical tutorial
  • Manuals

White label

You are in control of the thumbnails and the content, presentations on steroids.

Non-linear meetings

Streaming allow you to have more improvised and free meetings

Super scalable

Start with 10, 50, 100 or more presentations and videos, it is up to you

Use to impress and engage

Streaming View is so common when we use videos and music in private, so why not boost meetings with streaming?


If you have watched video, movies, series on streaming you will see how intuitive this is. Navigate through a lot of content in 123

- Use thumbnails to style your pages and make the content be easy to memorize.

- Expand beyond 5 presentations and videos if needed

- Enjoy the different viewing modes including Preview and Helicopter mode



Group information belonging together: products, services, employees etc.


You will have the opportunity to have several levels of content focus on different uses


You will soon see that presentation streaming allow for much more dynamic meetings

Free test period

Streaming View is part of the STUDIO module and we may be able to help you get started choosing content, thumbnails and see how it can look and be used.

Demo Streaming View
Notice this:

Easy scrolling
Fast response time
Elegant visualization

Streaming View
Show Rooms
Cover Pages
3D Spaces
Try it today

Streaming View is the perfect mode for improvised and flexible meetings. You have all information at fingertips. You have all your information at your fingertips.