Snapshots - WiZR Connect

Besides chats, video, screen sharing and other standard features WiZR Connect goes beyond this, here a snapshot.

Login experience

From the start of logging in you will notice a different approach to our video solution. Colorful, inviting and with more options such as Lobby to share additional information.

Meeting Customizer

You can tailor the meeting to the style of meeting you are having, a conference, regular team meeting or presentation mode. Each offering unique ways to control the meeting.


Why limit views just to a few options. You can choose more options that can be optimal for different team sizes and depending on the type of meetings you are having. Beats digital fatigue.

Meeting Timer

Can be combined with the agenda. How much can you or your organization save by time the meetings, and also see who is talking the most. Disciplining meetings, saving time and costs.


You can save agendas that keep being repeated. Weekly Monday and Friday meetings or other meetings. Getting faster started with meetings and structuring them better. Ideal combination with Meeting timer.

3D Spaces

Over 150 specially created 3D visualizations for virtual backgrounds. Look professional in all contexts or be playful with more untraditional backgrounds. Real-images created by experienced 3D artists.


The Lobby is place to get started or visit after the meeting. In our premium version it is customizable to clients own practical information. Great for branding or communicating key messages.

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