WiZR Share

Sharing Made Perfect

Sharing is the core of all digital communications whether social media, email or text. The message is dictated by the medium and most platforms were created for personal use. Introducing WiZR Share the first sharing tool created for business sharing. The only limit to your content is your imagination.

Social Media Has Disrupted Sharing for PERSONAL Use

Social media and other tools were created to transform how we share and interact in our PERSONAL lives:

-Immediate reactions with teaser content
-Content limited by the platform
-Few employees posting for a company
-System mostly for immediate consumption

WiZR Share Had Disrupted Sharing for PROFESSIONAL Use

WiZR Share was created to transform how we share and interact in our PROFESSIONAL lives:

– Lasting reactions with rich content
– All type of contents on our platform
– Unlimited employees publishing
– System that keeps getting smarter

How do you currently share?

Traditional sharing comes from chats, emails, tweets, feeds, postings. Social media is rich but with limitations.

– How are you using social media?
– What limits do you have on sharing?
– How much would you like to save of time?
– How much do you think your sharing system can be?

A 2025 solution, available today

WiZR Share comes from portfolios, catalogs, guides, portals, and viewing modes that are without limits.

– Non-linear, the modern way to communicate
– Rich, intuitive, easy to use tools
– Re-use, re-imagine, re-energize content
– New approach to creating deeper connections

WiZR Share Win at Sharing For Business

  • Tailored for professionals. The only tool created with the professional user in mind to optimize business sharing. 
  • The Swiss Army Knife of Sharing. Customize, collaborate and connect in one platform.
  • Tell the whole story. Share all the detail you desire, from a presentation to an entire portfolio in a few clicks.
  • Deeper Connections. Create and craft your interactions from an intimate meeting to a mass dialogue.
  • Personalization evolved. Customize, tailor, and modify content to new levels.
  • Universal access. Publish throughout the organization to maintain brand voice and consistency while increasing access.

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