Our dialogue tool used for preparing, holding and follow-up meetings, in-person and online.


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Presentation Portal


A collection of dozens of curated online mini presentations.


To improve absorption and retention applying Deep Visual Connection.


Instantly find and reuse your slides using search and Master menu.

Information at your fingertips

Instead of customizing material for each new meeting the presentation portal provides content for the next 100+ meetings. The equivalent of music streaming – easily access and pick what to consume right now!


Inspired by video, book, and podcast streaming: now applied to presentations. 


A digital platform to guide an agenda prior, throughout and after meetings. A more fexible and coused way to navigate meetings.

Our presentation portal covers a range of topics we have collected from partners, clients and others. See the front page for selected presentations, we can align with you on where to focus.

Presentations available before, during, or after meetings. We may also customize certain communication if not found in the portal. Our goal is to cover 80% of frequent questions and areas of interests.

Topic examples:

Our main topics are focused on, but not limited to:

  • MASTER WiZR essentials
  • MASTER WiZR series on: what, why, who, and how
  • MASTER WIZR content planner
  • Transformative Communication focus
  • Design insights
  • Big bid insights
  • Presentation insights
  • Organisation tools
  • Video client examples
  • Practical Video Debrief Alternatives