Key Features

License options

Full version – access everything
STUDIO – mostly for sharing
STUDIO Light – limited sharing
Free – very limited sharing

Viewable formats

TV monitors
Smart phones

Branding customization

Your logo
Your signature colors
Background colors
Font style
Brand a specific page

Viewing formats

Full view, no menus, top or bottom
Theater mode, access to menu headings
Normal view, full access to Master Menu
Responsive depending on screen
16-9 content format recommended
Free – very limited sharing

Format supported

Power Point /Keynote as pictures
Pictures in jpeg and png
Audio files
Google work sheets
Video originals
Video from YouTube and Vimeo

Sharing Center

Single presentation sharing
Slide Customizer sharing
Share 2-20 presentations at once
Share entire library
Big range of configurations
Sharing through URL/email
Sharing also via FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn


Login via own profile
Login via Google and Microsoft
Save and edit users
User profiles
Super user
Payment information
Multi-account overviews
Import/Export to Excel

Editing options

Drag and drop content
Edit, save and sort
Add tags for presentation or single slide
Add/delete presentations
Add categories for search
Add hyperlinks
Add audio to slide
Free – very limited sharing

Feature names

Master View – Top menu navigation
Streaming View – Thumb nail navigation
Show Rooms – Combine presentations
Cover Pages – Front page to Show Rooms
Library Module – For all your content
Studio Module – For customized sharing
Sharing Center – All sharing in one page
Master Menu – All content in one place

Sequrity / GDPR

Amazon scalable servers
SServers in Sweden and Ireland, EU
One company, several accounts
Password protected sharing
2-factor protected sharing
GDPR compliant
No sale/sharing of user data
Expiration on sharing
Master recovery options
Master and account IDs
Continuous tech improvements

DEMO and Test will show this and others in action and tailored to your needs

Key Benefits

Easy startup

Instant access
Access through Google & Microsoft
Available templates
Both Quick and Practical guide


Pick contents in seconds
Customize presentations in minutes
Customize colors

Visual features

Preview before saving
Your branding identity
Immersive design
Full view modes
Big screen responsiveness

Effective meetings

All content in one place
Better prepared, shorter cycles
Bring with entire library to meeting
More elegant display of what matters
Nonlinear – allow improvisation
Great for agenda reviews
Seamless content navigation

Save time by up to 10x

Easy information overview
Find material faster
Less customization
Increase reuse of content
Use elegant templates
Create presentations faster
Fewer & shorter meetings

Improve quality/value

Empower your employees
Consistent content
Create & share best practices
Graphic Designer level layouts
Better & more precise dialogue
Quality production at faster rates
Video automation

Improve cost/income

Boost productivity, less production
Save meeting time
Save on meeting travel
Always updated and available
Quicker sales cycles
Win more big projects
Communicate to investors

Content to use

Keynotes and presentations
Product and prices
Client statements and cases
On/offboarding material
Strategic material
Business plans and other plans
Excel work sheets

Company wide use

Sales / marketing
All that edit/create presentations
External meetings
Internal meetings
Investors / partners

Everything you consider to sensitive for sharing on your web page and value.