Cover Pages

Make a great first impression. Cover Pages take personal introductions to a new level



Tailored for special purposes.


Super fast change of favourite pictures


Looking great in mobile formats


Cover Pages

Cover Pages are created to make special introductions to your material more engaging, personal, impactful, elegant and unique.

    Features in brief

  • Customize with pictures
  • Elegant text editing
  • Responsive design
  • Connect Show Rooms
  • Portrait photo option
  • Smart external links

    Cover Pages templates

  • Magazine Page
  • Half Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Spokesperson Page

Cover Pages can be used w to make strong first impressions and to explain your material

    External uses

  • Sales front page
  • Tender front page
  • Investor intro
  • Support a cause
  • Profiling services
  • Your new CV
  • Events

    Internal uses

  • Onboarding
  • Technical tutorial
  • Annual reports
  • Campaigns
  • Wrokshops
  • Meetings
  • Manuals

Visual branding

Your material will shine with Cover Pages, keep experimenting with what works best

First impressions

Traditional mail and PDFs hardly make you stand out, experience the difference

Sharing made fun

Cover Pages are the modern and creative way to experience sharing

Really standing out

With Cover Pages will you make your material stand out from the crowd, grabbing attention has never been more important


Anyone can use Cover Pages. Especially recommended together with one or several Show Rooms. Getting started done in minutes.

- Select a visual that emphasize or dramatize your message. Try several options in seconds.

- See what you write. An easy to use editor makes customizations easy.

- Enjoy multiple sharing options: by email, link or social media.



We take away the hard part, designing. Just pick a template and edit text and picture.


Cover Pages can be linked to Show Rooms for expandable content. Be done in few minutes.


Sharing with Cover Pages makes it enjoyable to share, for its elegance and efficiency.

Free test period

Practice makes perfect, utilize the free test period on several meetings. Experience the ease of creation and the fun of sharing. Make stronger impacts!

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Visual or less visual
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Cover Pages are closely linked to Show Rooms like a book cover need book pages. To be used by companies of all sizes and even for personal use. Please enjoy!