Helping to create engaging, productive and profitable companies

MASTER WiZR is an international companydelivering a premium meeting and presentation system aiming to revolutionize how students, freelances, consultants, companies and organisations present and connect. Check our web page and get to know more through our hiring process. It is an opportunity to apply yourself intentionally and seeking to meet excellence in design and technical implementation.

Work Partner

Find the Job that fits your Life

We are looking for highly motivated individuals. We recruit both experienced and also students giving special talents and unparalleled opportunity to apply and grow new skills. You are both used to work independently and in teams. Driven, performance focused and look for working on software that is meant to make a difference in people's lives and careers - Democratizing Communications. Strong track record and resumes together with English and collaboration skills.


For the "Common Good" backed by Impact Investors

We are not a traditional software and communications partner, we strongly focus on values beyond traditional business targets.

Diversity a Superpower

We actively work on 4 continents and use the diversity in experience, background and skills to create a unique learning, innovation and digital workspace.

From 1% to the 99%

We take inspirations from how only the biggest companies can excel in their communications and bring more opportunities to shine professionally.


With a Universal Communication Tool we need to think wide and ambitious. We empower organizations that have high goals for how the foster learning, growth and opportunity for their students and members.

Education Partner

With educational institutions we can collaborate and a broad range of areas:

  1. Full time and part time jobs
  2. Internships
  3. Guest speakers
  4. Half or full day events
  5. E-learning courses
  6. Real life course exercises
  7. Beta user testing experience
  8. Applied research
  9. Integration of MW system in everyday work
  10. Capacity building

Communications Partner

In addition to knowledge exchange and work opportunities, we are a Communications Partner.

MW Products

  • Video Conferencing
  • 3D Spaces w/customizations
  • Premium White label Video Conf
  • MW Presentation Portal

MW Services

  • Branding-Brand-Boost
  • Presentation harmonization
  • Web and virtual presence
  • Strategic communications


Empowering special missions to excel in ways to connect and communicate


Collaborating with workshops, materials, job opportunities and knowledge exchange with:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Course providers
  • Specialized schools


Supporting in strategic missions, projects and activities to support work opportunity, knowledge exchange and personal growth opportunities

  • Green tech
  • People rights
  • Empowerment
  • Charity

Special interest organizations

Doing joint events, supporting on campaigns and value-added member benefits to:

  • Business associations
  • Specialty clusters/community
  • R&D centers
  • Chamber of Commerce

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