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Feb 10, 2022 Management

The Pandemic has accelerated the way we interact virtually. It has changed the way we think about work and has created a whole new range of opportunities to connect and advance. There are seven opportunities we are particularly excited about:

Expanded Virtual Presence  

We may think about virtual presence in terms of what we do with our web pages and how we use the opportunities offered through social media. Virtual presence in MASTER WiZR terms, has evolved from that. We have refined virtual presence through our innovative video conference concepts. The way you use videos, personally or professionally, for training, project communication, product development, marketing, working across time zones and in combining multicultural teams – defines virtual presence. The companies that discover the range and reach of virtual presence will gain an edge to those that haven’t discovered it’s impact yet.  

 New forms of content streaming  

Privately, we enjoy streaming music, games and videos. Streaming has not yet had a professional debut on virtual meetings and how we organize our presentations. The principles of streaming are to have large libraries of content that you can easily navigate, search, and select whenever you want. Mutually, our approach is to allow for presentation streaming and non-linear meetings. Why would you need to go through page 1,2 and 3 in a presentation when the interest from the parties you want to impress is page 20, 30 or 40. At MASTER WiZR, we believe in concepts that have made it big with consumers on a private level, can also appeal and apply to the business scope, adding new dimensions to how we work.  

 Long form – Content in System  

Social media has contributed to a reduced attention span. Tweets, posts and likes are about instant gratification and deliberate distraction. On the other hand, we have long form podcasts. Listening to talks for 1-2 hours is the audio equivalent of books, a new format in our media life. We believe that we can apply similar logic to our virtual presence by putting Content in System. Instead of focusing on creating material just for the next meeting, how about creating content for the next 100+ meetings? There is security, substance and longevity in content that has been structured to be enjoyed over a longer period of time. Our solution platform is focusing on the qualities of putting content matters into smart systems, hence our vision of “Get WiZR” as the ongoing inspiration for growth.  

Empowered tools for empowered results  

Many practices of communication are only accessible to the avant-garde companies and companies with substantial financial means. By equipping a global audience with tools that make you shine professionally we aim to level the professional playing field. MASTER WiZR  empowers innovative concepts, progressive skills and equips people with refined tools to communicate these to the world. Equal opportunities are parallel to comparable starting points. It is the quality and substance that we want to stand out in your work, and by enabling tools to achieve that, we cultivate excellence and aspire to making a difference.  

  Accommodating all level of proficiency  

Professors with amazing teaching abilities manage to impact all levels of understanding, regardless of cognitive capacity. Similarly, we are inspired by developing advanced tools and enabling those with modest means and capacities, the opportunity to enhance their full virtual presence potential. Providing universal, state-of-the-art mechanisms to the digital world is not simple, yet  there is room, time and space to address the need for revolutionary ways to interact, work and create. Welcome to the MASTER WiZR Universe!  


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