Productivity 2022

Feb 12, 2022 Management

Start of a new calendar year, season or semester inspires the incentive in us to take a better look at our goals, making new plans and adjusting our life vision. We have gained some interesting insights as we have been instrumental for several hundred million dollars in funding for companies, improving sales, attracting grants and winning big projects.

Starting too small or too big

It is hard to find the right ambition level. Starting too big may lead to a never-ending quest for something that could get out-of-hand and may be out-of-reach. Going too small is not so inspirational and you may easily get distracted. How to find the perfect balance or your perfect level of ambition? Well, you don’t have to. Rather, find a way to constantly zoom in and out, scale up and down in your perspective and you may find a more flexible and adoptive approach to handle opportunities and challenges. The answer may not be in finding a perfect equilibrium, it is rather developing the flexibility of mind and persistence to contain and assess many scenarios ongoingly.

Being visual in your thinking

Plans tend to be explained in words, bullet point presentations and traditional formats that are not visually very stimulating for the reader. Combining important text messages with effective visuals can expand the level of thinking, imagination and interaction. Our best practice is Deep Visual Connection – the way we put value to visualizing plans, road maps, ideas and connections. We do this by means beyond what MS Excel, Word, Power Point and Keynote allow separately, yet with Master WiZR you will find those functions combined as a powerful tool to bring your vision to life.

Going big in your format

When making plans a page is not enough, often 10 are also not significant, but 100 pages and more can do. We are often limited by oneliners, onepagers, summaries and short form material. There is a reason that a full business plan is often required to win big money. When helping a company win a 100 million dollar project, 30 pages is simply not enough.

We think in masters. A master can, like a business plan, be a larger document that has many chapters that relate and yet are distinctly different. The power of masters is to avoid the typical way of thinking, visualizing and planning, as it can easily become too complex and cumbersome to use. In creating MASTER WiZR, this was the inspiration. A way of organizing material that makes sense the more you give it time to mature and is professional regardless of complexity or reader abilities.


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Doing multiple updates

Planning processes are not often linear with one document and one expectation. The most rewarding opportunities to advance are often multi-formats and multi-target. The ability to deal with multiple tracks of planning at the same time is demanding but also leads to greater results. We have found a new way to connect ideas and plans efficiently, to present them vastly better and in a professionally structured way compared to other solutions. The result is the ability to do multiple navigations between interlinked documents, which bring legal steroids to planning and thinking processes. The brain is dominantly visual; we simply cater for a more comprehensive interaction between people. You may need to sell your product, or your idea; but the other party needs to understand the whole picture completely. We term it “Get WiZR”!

Planning is a process

Planning, process and progress are ongoing, not just part of a time-limited phase. The ability to have an updated, organized and inspiringly visualized way of viewing all areas of what you care about is the core of WiZR magic. Einstein claimed that good form is a condition for good content. We believe that better ways of organizing, sharing and presenting a larger volume of material can create efficiency, overviews, strategic clarity and real tangible business results.

Different outcome often starts with different approaches, it is that simple and that hard. It requires a willingness to open up for new ways of problem solving, planning and advancing

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