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Presentations have the power to make or break your success in negotiating, engaging, clarifying decisions and attracting talent. Yet the time it takes to plan, prepare, host and follow up presentations has undergone close to no innovative change in the last 20 years.

Presentations often suck our time and underperform on impact. Why settle on searching through 10 different versions of the same presentation and conflicting personal designs creating inconsistency. Using inconsistent and random storing. Not finding what you look for. Again, dealing with presentations drains our time.


Presentation streaming – game changer for meetings

The number one reason that presentations need a new approach is to stop preparing for only one meeting, instead prepare for the next 100. Presentation streaming allows for that in the same way as video streaming. One big catalogue allows you to always easily find what you are looking for, this changes the game of presentations


Preparing for the next 100 meetings

Customizing presentation material for each meeting has become habitual, but what if you didn’t have to? Instead, stream for the next 100 meetings and avoid the hassle of: 

  • Finding relevant material
  • Preparing for meetings  
  • Inconsistent presentation designs 

Traditional presentation building takes time and energy and leads to inefficiency.  


The next generation of meeting systems

Let us introduce the new presentation streaming approach of putting presentations in system”. Stop ongoing repeated customizations of the same presentation. Instead, create a system of multiple smaller presentations to be used over and over again. Base your meetings on several of these smaller presentations, like choosing chapters in a book. 

These smaller presentations would each: 

  • Have a distinct topic 
  • Be 4 to 15 pages long 
  • Be recycled over and over

Build one meeting from mini presentations  

  • mini presentation has a distinct topic 
  • mini presentation is typically 4 to 15 pages  
  • mini presentation is like a chapter of a book 

Presentation streaming means finding what you want when you want it. Our streaming portal is specialized for presentations and videos.

Making presentations easy to find with a pleasant to navigate portal, providing a similar user experience to Netflix and Spotify.Why not use this same user interface on the material that matter most in Business?

Netflix and Spotify were not created on the fly. Identifying your most precious material, preparing, organizing, and publishing it will take days, weeks or months depending on your ambition level. The rewards, however, could be massive/ consequential/ vast.


Quick start – Getting started immediately

We ensure immediate use and return by selecting the primary material and preparing it. Our onboarding programs make it very easy to get started and we focus on material that has immediate relevance to upcoming sales, investors, partners or internal meetings. Onboarding is also included in our license.


Onboarding – Selecting and harmonizing content

We help by identifying which of your material has the greatest streaming potential and can work with any size – be it 20 or hundreds of pages. How we do this depends on focus, user activity, and ambition level, and our insider tips on preparing and harmonizing your material mean our work is fast. Depending on each case we can delegate one to 20 people to work on harmonizing content with quality and efficiency.

Follow up – Expanding with more content

When a whole department or larger project groups begin using MASTER WiZR, greater flexibility can be expanded into the areas of content and how to make it searchable. Besides our initial onboarding program, overtime we assist in building you the best possible meeting system for your organization, reducing meeting hours, travel time, – all further improving meetings for your future.


Your time is valuable

You can choose to make most of our development in-house or not. Our expertise will speed up the integration processes. We would be able to corroborate our knowledge from multiple client collaborations and combine our senior design resources with efficient labor to deliver quality, material at an unmatched cost and in a timely manner 

We match most client ambition levels affordably.



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