Master of what?

Feb 01, 2022 Management

Heard of master class, master plan, master blueprint, master study, master chef, master design, masterpiece and mastering?  We are intrigued by what it means to master and what masters can inspire us to achieve. 

Master is not restricted to something abstract, meaningful to artists, creative fields or something you do at times – with MASTER WiZR it can be a daily conviction and effort to excel in how we think and effectively communicate.

Master System

A master system can be the plan of a football play, like Guardiola’s master plan on thriving with Manchester City or a Harvard plan in practicing the case method. The master system is the composition of many elements that can reinforce each other to a smart arrangement which can be perfected over time. Like processes and methodologies are important, the master system is a higher order structure that governs and sets best practices. Pursuing master systems can greatly impact what you define as important, how you relate pieces together and how you improve over time. With MASTER WiZR we focus on creating many types of master systems –  from small and limited to systems that can transform entirely how you operate. Our Master systems are the invisible threads that connect and reinforce your plans and ideas with success. This is what we call WiZR magic!

Master Level

Reaching a master level often requires time to refine techniques, mature how you think and to challenge practice through rigorous training. In an educational sense, after a bachelors degree, there is master programs and after that, the PhD achievement. A master level is achieved in  exceptional players of chess and when exceling in any other disciplines. The most important levels you will achieve are likely the ones not created and viewed by others but the ones you create on your own terms. In MASTER WiZR we accommodate the level of practice that you seek to achieve for yourself. If you want to be a master player in the professional field, we have created tools and practices to nourish achieving master levels in all areas of your digital communication aspirations.

Master Plans

An idea without a plan is simply a thought. A plan poorly done and executed is simply an idea. How many of your ideas have you experienced to develop into a truly masterful plan? The master system and master levels require a master plan to reach its fullest potential. Master plan is the system that allows practices to grow over time. It inspires common goals and creates a magical connection of the mind and heart to move in the same direction. A master plan is rarely only practical, it also has an element of speaking to the heart. War master plans or master plans that save a country out of crisis are beyond only practical matters; they must inspire the spirit.

Many plans become something you do to fulfill an obligation; to write a business plan to raise money or to write a plan for the annual report because it is expected. A lot of what we do in companies are functional duties with not so much meaning in them, but practicing master plans goes to show what moves us. To create master plans is to create a tool you keep using and cultivating over, weeks, months and years to perfection. Master plans also need to be kept alive by being shared in special ways.


Master Tools

The old masters of painting and the arts did in part have the same tools as some of their less successful peers, yet the building material of master pieces and becoming a master within your domain also have their first elements tools. The tools can be that of what you use, how you use them and the thinking that drives the practice of the tools. Both physical and mental tools.

In MASTER WiZR we are building on 15 years of practice in creating communications that have inspirations and elements in master system, master levels and master plans. We wanted to take the insights and observations and make a tool, MASTER WiZR, to inspire much more than a thousand projects, to reach a bigger audience. As a software tool it will inspire and discipline certain practices, but it is also the thinking processes behind the tools that take out its full potential. We are therefore both providing the tool and have various programs to support the extensive use of the tools. To master is more than tools, it is spirit and vision to drive the direction.



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