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Innovation, research, micro and macro trends are part of the fabric of education. MASTER WiZR pursues common interests in creating job opportunities through new ways of remote work and skill development.

Starting with why

Many of us have experienced the value of connecting with businesses during studies, the impact of being able to apply what we learned from those experiences enables us to give back as business professionals in the future. Students applying theories, methodologies, and skills on practical yet challenging tasks, boost their educational output and inspire careers.

MASTER WiZR is the magical intersection between academic programs, human talent, and real-life work cases. It is our aim to actively pursue opportunities for students, classes, individual and institutional level educational programs, and create a foundation for:

Job opportunities

With growing teams in research, social media, marketing, software engineering, design and quality control, we are aiming top quality in all aspects of own operations. Therefore, we have created room for junior and senior level positions for those who show exceptional skill and dedication. Job opportunities can come from personal interviews, testing, workshops and other ways of connecting with MASTER WiZR. (Link to mail address, or web address).

Thesis and part time

Prior to joining full time, part time or paid internships, we also offer time restricted project opportunities. This is student friendly, it provides financial support, solidifies the CV and gives an opportunity to grow in several disciplines at the same time. Part time can be offered for a particular project, a semester, over summer or longer periods of time as agreed upon.

+50 courses

MASTER WiZR has teamed up with the course master and are strategically involved in offering specialized and attractive educational lessons. Over 24 000 students globally thus far,  have chosen courses on key areas of the digital world, such as graphic design, digital skills, web development and freelance.

Customized programs

Master WiZR can customize follow-up programs for groups of 10 to thousands. Be it in terms of courses, job-trainings, creating foundation for better job applications or other means of intervention. Customization can be in terms of subject specialization, length, pedagogical methodology and case works depending on your outcome aspirations.

Dream tool for students

One of our reasons for reaching out to students is our passion for presentation and productivity. MASTER WiZR software is a one-of-a-kind solution to professional presentations in a class or interview setting. Students can also benefit from the excellent tools that make research, studying and being organized easier and progressive.

Guest speaking and editorial work

In the process of building an international software brand we have mastered experience-based knowledge on various topics and practices. We are pleased to share our expertise in the capacity of guest speaker in workshops and other editorial capacities u may need:

  • What it takes to master remote work
  • International branding
  • Innovation processes to be internationally competitive
  • Using research as a key development tool
  • Strategic planning
  • New ways of leading high-growth companies
  • High-end Product design
  • Equalizing international business opportunities (through smart virtual presence)


These and similar topics can be explored together. We are flexible and encouraging of new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. Our vision is “Get WiZR” and the natural point of collaboration is universities and educational institutions.



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