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Diversity a Super Power


At MASTER WiZR, we look at diversity as the power of differentiation. Besides the diverse mentality being good for the company output, it is good for the expansion of our vision in different countries. It is a model we want to inspire with in the years to come.  

Diversity in regions  

Spanning 4 continents: USA, Europe, Asia and Africa; we have embraced diverse talent regardless of geographical borders. This is an exciting way of embracing differences and uniting in higher and joint purposes. The understanding and application of aspects such as quality, design, process, decision making, professional growth and attention to details, vary greatly. While these dimensions also vary with personality and training, there are also regional and national tendencies of what is emphasized as important. Recognizing the challenges and advantages of diversity allows for a very rich way of combining skills, practices and processes. As a software company, one obvious advantage is that besides organically communicating with diverse teams, you can also test the solution against different broadbands, computer systems and technical infrastructures. 

Diversity in teams 

Diversity on a corporate level starts at the team level. With over 12 teams and growing, 3 to 10 people per team, and with 2, 3 and even 4 continents partaking team members – we cultivate broad range skill, talent and areas of interest. It has enriched the way we view, assess, solve problems and take actions. We also see extensive cross-team collaborations. These are our innovation day meetings. For these meetings we have 3 to 5 different teams joining in order to offer an out-of-the-box way of problem assessment. Avoiding main-stream thinking is important to the goal of improving quality in our innovation processes. It works! 

Diversity in roles 

Normally, a person working in sales specializes in sales, same goes with marketing, HR, QA and other roles.  In MASTER WiZR we focus, however, on giving the opportunity to our employees to explore their full potential by engaging them in 2 to 3 roles. This allows for playing to the persons skills, while we adjust the focus on various tasks as a person is growing, learning and adjusting with the company needs. The variation in roles offers a wide range career development based on motivated performance, and when applied well it is a win-win. The employee benefits from professional variety and the company from higher flexibility and work performance. 

Diversity through shared tools  

The counterbalance to diversity is to have structure and consistency. Applying the same tools across teams and in cross-team work is important. Everyone using Office or Google are two obvious examples, but beyond that, we practice a whole set of new tools such as Portals, Business Scopes, Tech Scopes, Master Plans, Video Debriefs and Presentations Masters. Equipped with these tools, we have an inner cohesion that ensures consistency in practice and outcome. This is not necessarily easy because research is different than social media, data intelligence is not the same as QA processes, etc. However, applying generic approaches across teams enables flat management, and bridges specialized knowledge to universal understanding. 

Diversity in interaction forms  

In working virtually, the way we interact can be repetitious and exempt the richness of social interactions. Hence, having a broader range of how we master virtual work is an ongoing focus for the MASTER WiZR management. Through our, one-of-a-kind, Onboarding Program we offer diverse styles of virtual engagement. We use polls, chat, work in small and big groups, train through hour Tech Masters, utilize My Master Profile to reflect individual contributions yet build corporate culture. Finding new forms of expressing oneself in meetings, in video, in presentations and in various documentation formats, allows for an enriched virtual work space.

Mastering diversity is unlocking human potential. We don’t do it because it is the easiest way, but because it is the most efficient modern day approach to enhanced globalization, digitization, and democratization. We are diligently working on MASTER WiZR – the universal workspace software solution. Beyond focusing on the technology of mastering digital work space, we are equally committed to the human, cultural and best practice side of mastering operative excellence and innovation.  


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