Digitizing Meetings

Dec 20, 2021 Productivity Tipstest


“Never waste a good crisis”. We are changing the way we do business. We thought we were digital, now we’ve realized there is more to being digital than just being online. Online meetings are much more prevalent now than ever before, why not strive to make them better than in-person meetings?

The concept of “digitizing meetings” includes making meetings more digital, but it also means having a stronger system for all your meetings, online or in-person. Digitizing meetings goes beyond using video conferencing: it’s about improving the meeting itself by it being digital. Engaging attendees and easily creating structure and uniformity within each meeting.

Problem 1– Digital chaos and information overflow

Digital tools can create chaos as much as peace, especially in terms of presentations: multiple versions saved in countless locations, random naming, and unstructured navigation on material for different target groups, uses, and situations. Filesharing systems have contributed to digital sharing but have not improved preparing, hosting, and following up on meetings. The focus has never been on meetings.

Problem 2 – Bad content – weak impact

If the problem was only related to challenges in finding material, the problems go deeper. It is the quality of the material that often suffers:

The problem goes deeper than only challenges in finding material, quality suffers too:

  • Relevance – is this the content we really need?
  • Precision – does the content say what we actually mean?
  • Visuals – are visuals effectively strengthening text?
  • Flow – does the content flow logically?

Problem 3 – Easier communication

Many employees produce contents, and most consume it. Not all employees have, however, formal skills in communications. Strong processes require good meetings and impactful meetings builds on quality material used correctly. Communications is often not embraced:

  • At the top management level
  • As an area that can significantly boost productivity
  • As an area that can save employee meeting related costs
  • As a cross company skill to be recognized and improved

These 3 problem areas highlight that even with all the current tools and practices, we can get better in having 1) better order of material 2) better quality material and 3) embrace how much still can be won by improving communications. See the section below – here we focus on how!



Presentation streaming is the answer to digitizing meetings. Streaming makes content easier to find, without ensuring all material is harmonized the content will become chaotic. Our services harmonize and organize this material for you. To have better meetings and follow up processes you need to be able easily find the correct and organized content.

Focus – What needs immediate attention?

Sales meetings, investor meetings, internal meetings, new projects or even unforeseen problems can be helped by digitized meetings. Problems need employees to set aside enough time and focus for comprehensive solutions to be made. Immediate benefits can be found for these areas with the support of digitized meetings, creating faster momentum and quicker solutions.

Root causes – What and where are the problems?

Going from average to great communication starts with mapping out the issues, then prioritizing the issues into practical categories: relevance, quality, sharing, use and more. We can assist in identifying the areas for potential improvements and bringing them together. Before solving any issues individually, we need to understand them as a whole.

Sprints – Focused mini projects

Sprints are mini projects of 2-4 week focuses. They focus on gathering and organizing insights, improving content and visual storytelling. For example: improving a set of presentations used in a specific department. Similarly, Sprints could also be used to provide training on how to use new content. Sprints can be independent or multiple projects.

Well organized, quality content streaming can be the answer to many of these addressed issues. See our presentation streaming article for more detail on digitizing sales. Get in touch and let us explore your options together.




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