Digitizing sales & storytelling

Dec 20, 2021 Productivity Tips


Having a web page is not the same as digitizing sales. By digitizing sales, we consider the entire flow of action, all exchange of information and interaction that normally makes up an entire sales cycle. Digitizing the sales cycle can save valuable resources and strengthen impact.

It costs to lose on sales; it is also costly to pursue sale targets that are unattainable. Strong sales resources are rare and costly. It is a jungle out there; the number one question: how to close the deal?

Digitize more – identifying manual spots

Crafting proposals, estimating prices, email follow ups and repeated sales meetings. All these add up in time and costs and occur in every sales cycle you have. What if more of this process was digital and automatic? What if it all could be shortened?

Customize less – each client is unique…

The notion that each client is unique often results in customized approaches. It takes time to slightly tailor each time. We assist in avoiding time wasted on:

  • Finding the content
  • Customizing the content
  • Sending material
  • Assuming reactions
  • Repeated meetings
  • Ongoing adjustments to the content

Build a system – that keeps getting better

What is your current meeting system? We have systems for different actions and business processes, but fewer have a system for meetings– ours creates systems that keep getting better and sharpen your edge against competitors:

  • How is the content improving?
  • How to use the content?
  • How to share best practices?
  • What are the systems set up to strengthen what works?

Strengthening your relationship with valuable clients can be significantly improved with better content, better presentation, and material streaming. The focus of the following articles.

Rome was not built in a day. There is a step by step approach we can take to digitizing sales material and making deals. Steps focused on finding sweet spots for your material, streamlining these to find new ways to “get it”.

Step 1 – Use what is working

Identify what is the most frequently used material. How is it helpful and how is it used? We focus on grabbing hold of what already works, harmonizing and organizing it to get it into the streaming portal. This way you will have continued use of more organized, easy to find. and attractive material.

Step 2 – What would work better quickly?

There might be a valuable proposal, sales opportunity, or new sales resources starting? The Step 2 Sprint is about focusing on future opportunities that should not be let slip away.

Step 3 – Where should we strategically be?

Are we making the sales we should? Do we have the right resources? And what could happen to get us to the next level? The next level can be leveraging the products with the highest margin or strengthening your competitive edge against target competitors. Depending on which goals makes most sense we can make a step-by-step approach on how to work with, use, and ultimately streamline material through digitization.

You decide how high you want to aim

We believe that the combination of compelling content, used creatively, with systems for effective presentation streaming, will make significant improvement to your resources and help to build new ones.

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