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Feb 01, 2022 Technology

Nowadays we are more in front of our computers and more of our social interactions happen digitally. As technology is advancing rapidly, software that requires visually fun, stimulating and meaningful tools is at high demand, and we are here for it .

Functional software

The current software people use to chat, do video calls, create, connect and share are primarily only functional. Visual appeal is crucial to increasing user enthusiasm, yet for a regular user it is rather difficult to notice these subtle changes to popular tools. “Zoom fatigue” and other shortcomings are the result of extensive use of software that does neither engage us emotionally nor sensorially. Productivity and function may be good, in spite of tiredness, but what if we can add appreciation, excitement and remove the element of boredom in virtual connections?

We want to put forward some claims and the vision that inspire us:

We are just in the beginning of video communication

Digital competence has increased in terms of the ease of carrying conversations and connections through video meetings. Functionally stable lines, sharing screen and video and voice connections without disruption are a great step forward. If Skype represents 1st  generation, Zoom represents 2nd generation, what are the 3rd and 4th functional generations of communication? We believe that a higher degree of engaging interactions, more customization, visually more refined solutions, and playfulness will conquer. It is not about enduring meetings, but thriving and advancing in a new technological universe that can propel the way we learn, interact and grow.

Virtual better than real

While the physical world has many attractions, MASTER WiZR is committed to making virtual better than real. In order to put forward how we think about communication principles, we apply brain to brain and heart to heart connection. This is how we amplify the energy in personal interconnections and work chemistry in professional settings.

To that end, creating clever digital solutions allows us new ways of combining concept and technology. For example, in a video meeting we can measure the time each person speaks, and it can be visualized live. This way we can be aware of who is “steeling the meetings” and we can discipline meeting time. In the physical world, a personal timer like this would be impolite, however digitally we can do this automatically. We can even do word count, to track who is spending their speaking time most efficiently of all. The end result can be shorter, more qualitative and productive meetings. Awareness of meeting dynamics and the understanding that virtual can give far better and quicker results exceeds the potential of physical meetings.

Long-form communication

Chat, snap, post, and likes are in the spectrum of high-speed interaction. Easy come and easy go. Small bite sizes of dopaminergic entertainment and attention grabbers that excite our brains for a very short time and leave little behind.

There are certainly formats to be explored that connect deeper and leave more. Popular long-form communication formats such as books, movie series, podcasts, even in-depth product reviews go beyond first impressions. We believe there are many ways of long-form connection that are engaging emotionally, resonate with meaning and inspire learning.

MASTER WiZR solution to connecting professionally is a multi-level communication that allows more flexibility in how the material is processed, presented, and shared. A page can be part of a presentation, which can be part of a master, which can in turn be part of a portal that creates a platform of many portals. We strongly believe that these levels of organization and long-form communication are not only very impactful, but also a novel method of how to think and work with what really matters.

Shining Professionally

Social media has allowed us filters and ways of presenting parts of our lives, thoughts, and opinions in extremely entertaining ways. There is a powerful breadth and not seemingly little alternatives to how you can stand out in whole new ways. There is no revolution similar to social media for how you can advance in your professional preparedness, reach, impact and eloquence.

MASTER WiZR is determined to find the first principles of how we identify what matters, how it is organized, prepared, presented, and shared. Shining professionally is more than just looking good, it is all the aspects involved in having an impact. What inspires us, where we want to go, what we want to communicate and how effectively can we succeed in communicating what we want to share or exchange.

We still have a long way to go in the art of connecting, but with MASTER WiZR we visualize, organize, and think about how sharing can move careers, create jobs and advance organizations.


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