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Excellence - 6 hacks of improvement

Focus on where the ball needs to be to score, not just for the next move…


What’s the end goal?

Clarify what you want to achieve: not just during the next talk, but what do you want at the end of a round of talks with customers, investors, partners, colleagues, or management? Focus on where the ball needs to be to score, not just for the next move…


Challenge yourself

If your message isn’t getting through, identify why and how. It’s important to work on a convincing argument to support your message, but taking the time to think of potential counter-arguments will hone a more well-rounded way to deliver your message.


Sell with your headings

How do you craft each page with an individually strong compelling message? Many presentations become too functional or technical, instead of emotional and more personal. Crafting the precision and boldness of your headings can make a difference.


Consider the opposing approach

Some can be maximalists: making the content very long, word-heavy, and complex. Whereas others are minimalists: too short, too dull, and lack creativity. The minimalist will gain richness in thinking more as the maximalist. Vice versa: the maximalist can benefit from cutting down in volume, making space for focus. Balance the two opposites.


“It is time to making presentations fun and engaging again.”





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