Background – building blocks

Our mission to radically improve visual communication is founded on many different building blocks. Firstly, the Deep Visual Connection. Secondly, the MASTER WiZR presentation portal. Thirdly, a committed CSR focus. Fourth, Transformative Communications services, and finally a strategic partnership. 

Deep Visual Connection (DVC)


The eyes are directly connected to the human brain. Whereas most of our other senses are filtered before being processed by the brain.

Visual impressions make far stronger and long-lasting impact on our decision making. However, in a world with constant visual stimulus, it is hard for the brain to take everything in.

When humans talk, we are communicating different thoughts. For this reason, never know where the dialogue is will take us. Master WiZR is the visual solution to this same pattern of dialogue. DVC is the foundation for the creation and future advancement of MASTER WiZR.



Master WiZR is inspired by the project management of thousands of communication projects.

Companies spend a lot of time creating, customizing, searching for material, and finally recreating material. This cycle can be greatly improved and accelerated. Rather than only focusing on the next meeting, MASTER WiZR allows focus on the next 100 meetings. Empowering a breakthrough on how we plan and use our presentation material. The cloud-based presentation portal is supported with design and advanced communication services. Put simply: better presentation streaming.



MASTER WiZR has two overall objectives as a business-to-business solution for a broad range of users.

One: to radially improve visual communication therefore drastically reducing the need for physical travels and CO2 emissions.

Two: to boost/uplift software engineers from developing countries into the global work force.

We work in partnerships with the educational institute CodersTrust, we specifically train software graduates to customize solutions for our clients. Master WiZR is an international top-quality tool, and major possibility for many of our engineers to work for international clients in need of their skills.

Transformative Communication


MASTER WiZR is not “only” a cloud-based meeting and presentation portal; we also have services available.

Transformative Communication focuses on moving from good to great communication. Only a small share of communication material has a transformative effect. We offer services related to selecting the right content, structuring, harmonizing, innovating and using the material to ensure your message is best transmitted.



Master WiZR is owned by Core20 Consulting Inc and Acini As, established in Oslo, Norway. Core20 has worked on thousands of communication projects and saw a universal need for creating a better online communication platform based on the development of Deep Visual Connection methodology together with Transformative Communications. Acini AS is a successful investor company focused on international growth companies with a strong sustainability and CSR impact investments.

Service collaborations


Master WiZR is seamlessly blending services and resources from countless strategic partners to provide a single point of contact.

  • Core20 Consulting is our collaborating partner for senior communication services working with complex content and senior advisory services.
  • Coders Trust is our go-to resource for graphical design. We have the project and quality management of service and can offer a great selection of graphical services and diversity in resources.
  • Edge Group is our co-partner, focused on developing deeper insights and analysis for corporate clients in need of advanced business consulting.