Get To Know Us

We are passionate about creating the next level of how we work and connect.


What unites us

In MASTER WiZR we get to work on the tools that will help us work. Instead of going to other solutions for chat, video, sharing, saving, presenting and creating, we develop and polish our own tools. For our staff it brings a unique way to engage and develop.

We use what we create, we dont only sell it.

How We Meet

We want to create the coolest video experiences - master of remote work


How We Socialize


With 10 countries and keep growing we work virtually but also in-person through our studios. We want to me masters of remote work through the tools we create and use and how we work together. At the same time we also want to be great where in-person works the best. Combining the two is the making of something special.

How We Connect

We get to see how sharing news and info can be an experience.


Meet the Team

Introducing some of our team members


How We Think

Case examples from our innovative video work. We keep innovating and re-imagining the familiar.

How We Create

We create through our own MPublisher for designs, branding and social media


How We Organize

Using our Library and other tools we make organizing and sharing more fun



The future of work is rapidly evolving, and at MASTER WiZR, we lead the way in this transformation.

Our innovative tools empower individuals and organizations to achieve their best work through seamless integration, creativity, and collaboration. By eliminating the limitations of traditional work software, we unlock the full potential of the modern workforce.


What inspired us


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