Storytelling and success

If you are working in Hollywood, gaming, creative marketing or writing a book; storytelling makes sense. But stories are essential to the social fabric of how we connect, even more so when we connect digitally. The content, precision and clarity become more essential in the virtual world.

MASTER WiZR is a tool for storytelling too, and there are many stories that can move, connect and empower. The ability to practice these in meetings, training, recruiting and in engaging with new people can make a profound difference.

Story of Why

Why do we care about a particular problem, solution, dilemma and hypothesis? What lead us to a point of caring deeply? How can the sources of the origin also matter to others? How to connect universally or to specific target groups. Addressing Why with stories that are personal, entertaining, challenging, dramatic or fun can open doors that otherwise would be closed.

Story of Why now

What is the sense of urgency? Why not just wait? What makes it relevant now, instead of in 1, 3, 6 or 12 months? It is obviously not easy to break through the clutter of so many attention-grabbing posts, tweets and breaking news. The originality and authenticity of why now can make a difference.

Story of Personal importance 

What are deeply personal touches also what is universally human. Being open, honest, vulnerable, searching and authentic are elements of sharing stories of personal growth and challenges. Even the big why of corporations starts with the spark of a personal challenge, opportunity and need to find a solution. Dearing to be personal becomes even more important when we are connecting remotely. Without it, there are more distance and boundaries to cross.

Story of how things connect  

Stories allow to elegantly interconnect insights, experiences and events to a narrative that makes sense. 20 pages of Power point with bullet points often don’t have the personally engaging power of connecting as well told stories. The question becomes how we link the bottom lines and takeaways with stories that engage and intuitively connect many dots together.

Storytelling is also improvisation

Some stories can only be told one way, but many allow for multiple perspectives. Non-linear TV has shown that we want to listen to and watch the movies or series we feel like when we want. Our needs shift and what is attracting our attention changes greatly. Yet companies are presenting their stories uniformly on the internet without allowing too much improvisation. Give the audience the chance to navigate to what, when and how. That is a reality for movie streaming, but the same reality will come to how we can connect professionally. Less of linear page presentation, and more improvisation and jumping to make it playful, fun and engaging. The gaming industry have mastered this, we need to master this in our professionally lives too.

Storytelling is about advancing 

Netflix has over 1000 series. We love series that we can binge watch or enjoy over time. Storytelling can be the opposite of instant feeds, tweets and likes, it allows developing a narrative over time.

Allowing the flexibility to share your story in bite sizes or in long form will catch a wider audience. In MASTER WiZR we have created a universe of building blocks that allow for instant sharing or stories that can scale up from pages, presentations, Show Rooms, Cover Pages, Portals and more. Storytelling is the art of zooming in and out, the bigger picture and the wonderful details.

Storytelling is a discipline we all master to some degree when connecting with friends and socializing. MASTER WiZR is designed to transfer the traits of storytelling into a professional tool and combine delight with meaning in our work lives.

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