3D Spaces

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For Zoom, Teams etc. You will love it


Keep it interesting with different backrounds


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3D Spaces

3D Spaces is all about creating environments of high-quality 3D visualizations to be used in creative.

    What we offer

  • Custom concepts
  • Cool “lego” system
  • Areas of use
  • 3D logos
  • Integrate client visuals

    Areas of excellence

  • Concepts
  • Materials
  • Angles
  • Lighting
  • Combinations

3D Spaces consists of many type of materials and can be used in surprising and effective settings.


  • 3D logos
  • Walls
  • Interiors
  • Windows
  • Bookshelves
  • Work desks
  • Signature elements

    Where to use

  • Zoom meetings
  • Presentations
  • Promo videos
  • Video segments
  • Opening sequences
  • Branding material

Rich visualization

Create spaces to catch interest, dramatize messaging and stand out.

First impressions

The human brain absorbs and synthesizes visual information faster, utilize it!

Challenge us

Beyond standard elements you can challenge our 3D & creative staff.

Create your own reality

We take your imagination into real visualizations. Introduce ideas, concepts and campaigns through using virtual rooms. Use 3D animated visuals for promo videos, green screen productions and accent videos.

Why Virtual Presence?

We invest in office building and common rooms. With more virtual communications it is now time to do the same with virtual rooms.

- Make online meetings more empowering, playful or effective.

- Have different rooms for different type of meetings, internal and external.

- Your virtual presence can translate to better business outcomes, try it.



Beyond full custom designs, that can be costly, we also have more affordable “lego system”


Maybe you want to start with sales and external meetings first, then internal.


Once you start you will explore a new world of possibilities how to communicate.

Start small

Get your first 3-5 visuals including your logo. Test it out and see the opportunities for how to expand with more engaging rooms for different purposes.

See Examples
Notice this:

Variation of designs
Sense of space
Use of light
Attention to details

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3D Spaces
Inquire today

Let us have a dialogue about 3D Spaces, we can share simple ways to get started and advanced options. You will see your material, company and team in a different light.