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It’s easy to be a creature of habit with presentations. You do whatever you’ve done before, if it’s worked so far, why change? This is true, yet what more is there to gain from staying the same?

 It’s easy to be a creature of habit with presentations. You do whatever you’ve done before, if it’s worked so far, why change? This is true, yet what more is there to gain from staying the same? 


What’s the end goal?

Clarify what you want to achieve: not just during the next talk, but what do you want at the end of a round of talks with customers, investors, partners, colleagues, or management? Focus on where the ball needs to be to score, not just for the next move…

Challenge yourself

If your message isn’t getting through, identify why and how. It’s important to work on a convincing argument to support your message, but taking the time to think of potential counter-arguments will hone a more well-rounded way to deliver your message.

Sell with your headings

How do you craft each page with an individually strong compelling message? Many presentations become too functional or technical, instead of emotional and more personal. Crafting the precision and boldness of your headings can make a difference.

Consider the opposing approach

Some can be maximalists: making the content very long, word-heavy, and complex. Whereas others are minimalists: too short, too dull, and lack creativity. The minimalist will gain richness in thinking more as the maximalist. Vice versa: the maximalist can benefit from cutting down in volume, making space for focus. Balance the two opposites.

“It is time to making presentations fun and engaging again.”

Storytelling is the key to success in any kind of presentation



We are democratizing communications by: Sharing our insights from 15 years of experience creating thousands of high impact presentations. Empowering and elevating users with tips and tricks to create world-class communications. Providing practical guides and ideas on how to re-imagine presentations delivered straight to your inbox. Being your online partner to expand, evolve, and enhance all your communications.

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Revolutionize presentations

What if there is another way to think about building presentations: how they look, how they get saved in your system, are used or shared; why not explore a new option. How many meetings do you have to join, prepare for, and follow up? How many messages do you need to create, revise, and deliver? Contemporary innovations like mobile phones, computers, and cars have vastly advanced compared to 10 years ago. Ironically, the way we prepare and deliver our messaging has minimally changed by technology or time. We have created the tool to revolutionize presentations, but it starts with opening up to the idea of vastly changing how you present and share.

Empower, don’t distract

Visuals can be a tool to heighten a message, but can also distract and confused. Taking a disciplined approach to the visual quality of your content has equal importance to the core messaging itself. Excellent visuals can empower and focus your message, creating an emotional and memorable connection. 


MASTER WiZR is transforming presentations by re-imagining the look, use and ability to share your work. Revolutionizing presentations not only makes for better communication it also enhances how we collaborate and makes for more efficient and productive meetings.  Our platform is made for the digital age to allow you to create and easily share your content from any device with the same or better impact than meeting in person.

Revolutionizing Presentations starts with new and bold thinking about how presentations look and the functions they serve. Impact. It is about meetings and collaborations. How we share and connect will change radically


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Jone Smedsvig

Jone Smedsvig

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