The magic of “Deep Visual Connection”

by Carsten | 20.05.2020 | Visual

Effective presentation streaming can be the solution to digitizing meetings, digital sales processes and better communication. But what is the drive behind presentation streaming and MASTER WiZR? It’s the thinking and practice of “Deep Visual Connection”.

In this article we will look at the insights and inspirations behind the presentation streaming and our MASTER WiZR portal concept. There is more to it than you may think.

It starts with the visual brain

The eyes are directly connected to the human brain, this differs from our other senses, which are filtered before they are processed. For this reason, visual impressions make a much stronger and long lasting impact on our decision making. However, in a world with increasing constant visual stimulus, it is hard for the brain to process everything.

MASTER WiZR as a conversation tool

MASTER WiZR has developed DVC to enhance virtual connection. This technology allows a visual mind-map, that can be designed for a specific client. When humans talk, we share different thoughts, this means we never know where the dialogue is taking us. MASTER WiZR is the visual solution to that same dialogue.

At the fingertips of the presenter, there is a dashboard to build an image based two-way dialogue. We have all been enduring boring Power Points, taking us through a fixed path. MASTER WiZR brings in two-way communication. After presenting key information, the client might ask for a deeper clarification on a certain matter. This allows for detours to guide deep into the required areas whilst keeping the ability to only briefly go through more familiar matters. The same way a conversation works.

Connect visually – reap the benefits

Our overall purpose is to allow for good human connection visually. By creating a fully online path, we can replace and enhance traditional meetings. This saves travel costs time, and most importantly it extensively increases the success rate of any level of communication.

An alternative to costly habits

In the past, and still today, companies employ sales personnel to bond with clients. They invite them for social meetings, talk nicely, listen to challenges overall try to be a friendly spokesperson. Nevertheless, their single objective is to make sales, and connect to clients. Of course, many supplier-customer relationships develop into deep friendships. The initial contact, however, starts off with a human bonding motivated by mutual financial motivation.

The master matcher

By applying DVC, we leave plenty of space for human connection, but when it comes down to business persuasion, we break them down into simple pieces. That way the client can recieve a better presentation, better in line with their specific need. It will allow the client to make faster, and more qualified decisions.

Building on wide ranging testing and experience

DVC is a tested approach to see how humans react to visual stimulus. The process has been refined over the last 30 years to identify why certain visual communication have deeper impressions on humans. The process of bonding on a human level consists of a high number of factors. In the process of developing DVC, MASTER WiZR has “hacked” human connections. Or in other words, we have broken down the various connecting fractions that allow humans to connect.

” DVC is constantly updated to give the users of MASTER WiZR the best visual tool to connect to clients, customers, and business partners.” 


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